Here at SpecInvestor.com I do my best at providing a place to share my thoughts and Ideas on the market at whole. My focus is Investing, Trading Breakout Stocks, Penny Stocks and Options.

I have been trading since I was in college and will continue to do so, as trading has become a big part of my life and will continue to be a true passion of mine.

Throughout my years of trading, I have gravitated towards the technical side of trading, as price action seems to be the dominant force when determining the direction of a trade or trend. I trade stocks, options, futures and penny stocks, where ever there is momentum or a trade setup I like will do my best to reap the rewards from it.

Investing & Trading is not only rewarding financially but offers the freedom in life to live the way you always wanted to. I love the statement "Work because I want to NOT because I have to".