Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week Of July 4th setups

July 4th is already here and summer is in full effect, anyone else notice how hard its been to trade this market?

This will be a quick post on setups I will be paying attention to this week. Keep in mind this is a short trading week, the market will be open July 3rd until 1pm and closed July 4th. Not looking for much action this coming week as everyone will be vacationing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday watch list and trade setups.

Lets take a look at what we got for Friday (6/28/2013).

Apple grinding lower and lower towards that 385.10 area. I hope we see a test soon, as that could be a nice buying point. Just look at at all that red. lol

Google, once again came up and tested that trend line and bounced right off and faded the rest of the day. Still could see a test of that 50sma right around 863. If not I need to see it break above the trend line and hold to see further upside.

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Trade in AAPL and looking at GOOG, TSLA

Whats up Traders, Wanted to give a glimpse of what my trade in AAPL was today. Also I will be looking at GOOG and TSLA.

AAPL - Expand the chart to see my entry and exit on AAPL. Perfect setup and easy money was made on puts today. Of course I was out to early but if you held you made money. Also AAPL broke 400 today with a low of 398.05, which I was expecting a huge move after that but it actually bounced from there. After 4 red days in a row I still feel a short term bounce a head, although we could still see the blood bath continue. 
Take a look at this article, pretty bad on Apple lol. Apple Employess consider jumping ship for Google.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trade setups for this week (SPX, AAPL, GOOG, CMG, VPCO)

Hello Traders,

 Looking forward to this next week's trading setups. Check below for me detail.

 SPX - 
The spx has moved its way out of the up trend and broke below 1600, we could see more selling pressure to the down side with support being in the 1550 area where we spent a lot of time in that range.

Apple's huge down move the past 3 days has lead to put profits! On the other hand could we be setting up for a short term bounce? With the overall markets week at the moment and heavy selling we could also see a short term bounce with short covering mixed in. Above is apple Friday intraday chart. As you can see it formed a nice wedge pattern with increasing buy volume end of day. If we get a gap up and move we could see 418 test which I will look for calls on that move. On the other hand if Apple gaps down and holds, we could still see an apple blood bath and see further down side, which puts will be in play. Just watch and see.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Today was easy money on Google and Apple

What's up Traders, quick post on two setups that were just to easy to make money on.
Today was the day that Apple and Google made its move. More so for apple. Yes the market selling did help but the technical told the story and if you were prepared for it you banked! My call on Apple this past week were spot on! Check out my previous post on it, and if you follow me on Twitter you could get my thoughts on it as it was happening.

Intraday chart on AAPL today and my analysis.

I did trade this I was in the next week 410 puts and sold way to early as always. But if you held and followed the trend you banked! I am still Bearish on Apple and think there is more down side to come, on the other hand there may be a short term bounce as with a big sell off usually does follow with a bounce. I will be making another post this weekend on trade setups and ideas for next week.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Market down tripple digit did you profit or get slaughtered?

Whats up Traders!

  What a day in the markets, dow down 353 points and spx breaking that 1600 level, was a huge sell off day. If you sold into any bounce and or took puts on GOOG, AAPL, NFLX ect. you were banking big. Biggest sell off in 2013, some say its a correction, some say its just a simple pull back. Just trade it!
GOOG - Gapped lower but tested that 900 level again and sold off from there. If you took puts later in the day on the 892 breakdown you banked big as goog closed at 884.
We could see a bounce in GOOG soon, will wait for confirmation. Each pull back on GOOG was bought and worked its way higher. 878.90 Good short term support, could touch it soon and bounce. Will look for puts when I see confirmation of more downside, or Calls when we see it rally back to 900. Intraday trades will be tough, but watch for opening momo after first 15min.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trade Ideas and setups for the week

Whats up Traders! Check out my trade Ideas and setups.

Had a great day today, I tweeted out this morning (Follow here) That GOOG had a nice breakout with nice volume and needed to break above the first 15min closing bar to continue its run and if so my target would bee 900. Well it hit and exceeded that target by $1 at the end of the day.  Now that GOOG had its pull back and now breaking out once again could a new all time high be in place?..

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Thoughts About Apple (AAPL)

Quick Thoughts on Apple (AAPL)

AAPL has been on its downtrend for quit sometime now. If you notice on the chart it had a very hard time getting to that 450 level, which it never had a green close above it and signed more downward pressure. Also if you look at the light blue line which represents the 50dma which sits at 434.95 and has come up and hit and sold off the pas 3 days now. I have not traded AAPL in a few days as the swings and pins have been eating up the options players. I am looking for a break below 428ish level to test the 420 level fast. I have a bearish bias towards AAPL until it gets above the 450 price then that might change. In short I will be looking at buying some puts for the 428ish crack which IMO will be the day it cracks way lower and test the 420 area. 

Delcath systems (DCTH)

Hello Traders,

Delcath Systems, Inc. (DCTH) Trade.

What a day in the markets today. I only took one trade today which was DCTH on the breakout continuation. The morning volume was great, with follow threw to a High of Day at .62. I bought into the breakout in the am at .55 and wanted to hold this for a swing trade to fill the gap to .75. I was in the profit zone for the morning session but the selling continued as it may be assumed that bag holders were selling into strength. I was stopped out on this trade today not thinking it would break below the breakout point of .50 but it happens. At the least we know that scalping would have been the better strategy or selling the morning gap. I was right about the breakout with heavy volume so if you were quick you could have made a nice profit in the am.

One could argue that DCTH did make a higher high and a higher low today, still a bullish sign.

The action I did not like was that it broke that key .50 level and held below it with a close of .4906.
This play still can be intact just will wait to find out.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trade Idea for 6/17/13

Delcath Systems, Inc. (DCTH)

Looking at the chart, it broke above previous resistance above .50 after numerous attempts.
Looks like it wants to fill the gap to .75 as a short term fill. 8.3% of the float is short, as the float is only 89million shares. With pressure building and the break above .50 this could fill quickly. A quick Fundamental glance looks pretty healthy, although its going threw some litigation right now with rumors of buy out floating around. Key Statistics Recent Headlines