Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trading Desk

Trading Desk

What do you have on your trading desk? Are you organized or even care about your trading desk and staying organized, i mean it is your money making machine.
I know when i first started trading and getting highly involved in the market i was always curious as to others trading desk’s setup and the equipment that was used.
Well just in case you are wondering, here i give you details of my setup and what i have on my desk.

I have a pretty basic desk setup, i am very organized with a pretty powerful computer.

computer I use:
Duel 19in wide screen monitors
Amd Quad core cpu
4 gigs of ram
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit  
1terabyte hard drive

Internet Connection:
I use a direct(wired)connection to the internet.
I do not advise going wireless when trading due to being vulnerable for drop connections or a weak signal.

I keep my laptop by my side for a back up, just in case my main computer fails for some reason.

Trading Software:
My Platform setup:
i have my futures, live news feed, intraday chart, level2, time and sales all running on my TOS platform at once. I also have a browser going with yahoo finance open, and StockTwits.

Desk Elements:
calculator- I use a basic calculator for quick calculations, determine cost of a trade subtracting commission or general use, i find it very useful.
Note book-A simple cheap notebook is always handy for jotting down notes and ideas or, keeping a trading journal and tracking your trades.
Sometimes i have CNBC in the background(for breaking news/entertainment i don’t take advice from those talking heads :) ), and sometimes i have music on.

Posted below is a quick picture of my desk.


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