Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 Stock Chart’s to point out 1-5-2010

Kandi Technologies, Corp (KNDI) – Looking at the chart you can see it is failing it’s attempt to breakout above $6.04. Volume is also lower than the previous day, it might take a good green market day to power threw. This to me looks like it will top here and continue to consolidate in the range pointed out in the chart. Keep and eye out in the next coming days as this unfolds.

KNDI chart

Taylor Capital Group, Inc. (TAYC) – Just check this thing out, this stock does not want to stop it’s consistent rocket higher. Although we had a slight down day today on the markets, you can see the gains getting somewhat weaker or not as much and ending on a red day today. Could this be the turning point or a breather? Keep your eyes open, this thing could dump!

TAYC Chart

Gulf Resources, Inc (GFRE) – This stock is continuing it’s breakout at $11.00 currently sitting at $13.65. I am not sure if it can keep going as you can see the volume was cut in half on this day. If you did not get in at $11.05 then i would say you missed the breakout and the easy gains. Next….!

GFRE chart

Intevac, Inc. (IVAC) – Looking at this chart it is deffinent breakout at $13.53 and it continues with good volume. If i would have caught this sooner, i would have gotten in that second day at $14.00 for a nice dollar gain on the day!

IVAC Chart

Keep a look out for more, i am always on the hunt for interesting chart’s with obvious buy in signals! :)

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