Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stock Watch 1-5-10

Stock Watch 1-5-10

Taylor Capital Group, Inc. (TAYC) – This financial company just keeps going, made another 2.11% gain today and does not look like it wants to stop. When looking at the chart you see this big green line shooting up, makes you want to jump in. I am keeping a close eye on it, i have seen stocks do this and one day just take a death spiral down to nothing. If this does happen it could be a nice short, you just have to watch for when it starts going red. It semes as though this company is turning it self around, with new businesses and a change in Directors which could be the reason for its rocket to the moon. I am not sure this would do it, unless there has been a lot of short covering because of good news or lot’s of insider buying. Check out the charthere.

BioForm Medical, Inc. (BFRM) – A medical aesthetics company up 60+% today on the news of it being taken over by Merz Pharma Group for $253million at 2:05pm. Check out the P/R here. On the other hand released at 4:05pm this was put out “Robbins Umeda LLP has commenced an investigation into possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of state law by members of the Board of Directors of BioForm Medical, Inc.” on the grounds that “Robbins Umeda LLP’s investigation concerns whether BioForm’s Board of Directors’ acceptance and recommendation of the offer is fair and designed to secure the best possible price for all BioForm shareholders” check out the report here. BioFarm also received a downgrade today to Neutral from Overweight from piper jaffray. Check out the chart here.

China Direct Industries, Inc. (CDII) – This company engages in the production and distribution of magnesium and other basic materials. This stock was up 49+% today on nothing but it’s outlook on the companies earnings for fiscal year 2010, It claims it’s revenue will be between $130-$150million. The company overall does look healthy, although it is some what risky. The charts look as if it could run some more, it’s overall resistance is around the $2/share mark and break out point around $2.40. It did start to fade some this afternoon but that is normal. The test would be how it reacts tomorrow, i would wait to see if it wants to go higher waiting to see around noon, if it starts to take a dive then it will be a nice short back to $1.40 were it has a little support. Check out the chart here.

Digital Ally, Inc. (DGLY) – This company develops, manufactures, and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement. The stock was up 40% today on it’s earnings speculation and rumors of contracts. This company has a market cap of $45.6million, has $1million in cash and zero debt. Looks good to me! Chart show it is strong with large volume coming in, it has some resistance at $3.20 but looks like it wont have trouble taking that out. It does however have strong support at $2.60. This will be a potential buy for me when i get the correct signs and entry point. Check the chart here.

Kandi Technologies, Corp(KNDI) – This company through its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, manufacture of motor vehicles. This stock had a huge comeback from its dive yesterday. It was up over 30% today on the news of it’s new alliance with Electronic Vehicle(EV), the goal being to mass produce the electric automobile in china which could bring a lot of revenue to KNDI. Although this stock had a nice spike, it hit ressistance at $6.05 and started to fade from there. The buy in signal for me is if it can break 6.20 and hold, which will validate a Breakout and this beauty could run pretty high! Check the chart here.

Intevac, Inc.(IVAC) – This company provides manufacturing equipment and solutions to the hard disk drive industry. The stock was up over 22% today on news of it receiving eight 200 unit order from Lean Systems, which is good news for the growth of (IVAC). The chart on this is a true technical breakout at $13.59/share, it started to fade in the afternoon but held above this key level. If it holds true and does not end up being a fake-out breakout then we could see some good gains over the next couple days. Check the chart here.

GenVec, Inc. (GNVC) – This is a clinical stage bio pharmaceutical company, that had a nice breakout today. This stock was up 17% and is a true breakout at $1.20 and now resides at $1.41/share. The volume is fair but not huge, this could be a fake-out breakout and could set up for a nice short. It has not had a P/R since November, which seems shady to me. I will watch to see what this does, most likely look to short it if i can find shares and i will only short into a spike. Check the cart here.

Gulf Resources, Inc(GFRE) – This company through its subsidiaries, manufactures and trades bromine and crude salt. The stock has had a steady rise for the past 5 months now with only a few pull backs, today had a huge spike and finished up 17%. Seems the company is growing exponentially with new productions lines, and chemical compounds. This i am sure will have a profit taking pullback, at which time will be a nice long entry point. Check the chart here.

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