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Stock Watch 2-16-2010

Stock Watch 2-16-2010
Well it has been a while since I gave a watch list, this is due for the lack of plays with a horrible correction in the market. The only play that was just beautiful threw it all was “ISSI” which was on my last watch list and I tweeted a hundred times. So here is the new 9 stock watch list, this one has some good ones!

PositiveID Corporation (PSID) – PositiveID Corporation provides radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for healthcare sector. This stock got a nice 21% jump in price on Friday due to a bounce in the market and uplifting P/R’s relating to healthcare or obamacare. On a technical level PSID is right on the edge of a breakout at $1.50ish/share. Looking at the past few months on the chart, this stock spiked huge and slowly faded back down. If the volume picks up some and breaks out once more, we could see another spike in the price but I am sure it wont last long due to how horrible of a financial position this company is in, there balance sheet is horrendous. potential buy when the volume picks up and breaks out around $1.60 range for a quick gain, definite short when it starts to collapse as we can see it will and when it does it really goes red!

Westport Innovations Inc. (WPRT) – This company does research, development, and marketing of engines and fuel injection systems that use gaseous fuels, including natural gas. This stock had a good 14% gain one Friday from the news of good earnings and an uplifting conference call. They added a nice amount of revenue to there balance sheet as well as gaining ground on future innovations. On the charts it seems to be slowly but surely gaining towards higher ground. What I will be watching for is when it hits the $14 mark, could be some heavy resistance, although with good volume it could push threw and breakout that is when I will be there for the push as this stock could run and make for a nice swing trade. Potential buy.

Microvision Inc. (MVIS) – Engages in the development of miniature display and imaging engines based on its integrated photonics module technology platform. This company recently had a change in directors and released there 8-k reporting that. On Friday they also received a fluffy news report on them receiving top honors at macworld for a there lazer pico projector. Whats interesting is the chart, it seems to have hit support around $2ish and is starting to bounce. it tested this support a few times an held which to me validates it is strong. This is a potential buy on a nice swing trade, as I see this bouncing and possibly spiking on this new attention the company will be getting regarding their award and new product.

SkillSoft plc (SKIL) – Company provides on-demand e-learning and performance support solutions for enterprises, government, education. Well this was the big news on Friday, as SKIL received a buyout offer at 1.1billion dollars or $10.80/share from a private equity firm see the P/R here. This sent the price soaring 13% of course, although this was a sell into opportunity for a lot of investors. This will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days, which this will either move the stock higher as this is in a technical breakout area or just sit and consolidate right here which is the likely story.

Athersys, Inc. (ATHX) -A biopharmaceutical company. This company has been getting a lot of attention from its recent news of getting 2 patents “Athersys Inc (ATHX) said it has been granted two U.S. patents that cover its proprietary MultiStem technology” which as made this stock soar, read the P/R here. Just on Friday the stock made a 12% gain which helps this uptrend the stock is in. The volume is also increasing as this news spreads. Hopefully this is the begging of another huge spike in the price as seen before, on the other hand with that spike can a fading sell off. But with the 2 new patents this stock should gain a lot of momentum as it is capturing my attention for a swing trade. I feel if it can reach and hold $4/share, this will be my entry as this can return back to the $6 mark and maybe in surpass it!

GenVec Inc. (GNVC) – A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. This I know from the past is a very shady risky company to deal with. This stock I was hesitant to put on my list. On the other hand there are profits to be made here. Now you could buy this little short squeeze as it continues higher, but as we can not predict when the sell off will take place, I would not go long here for the reason of how shady this company is. I on the other hand will wait for that spike to start showing signs of failure and short it as we can predict that this will happen and when it does it will come crashing down hard, just take a peek at the chart. So I will sit back and wait for the sucker buyers and the pumpers to keep at it and wait for the first sell day to sell into and ride it down as panic selling takes place! Potential short if I can find shares, either way it will fun to watch if it happens.

JDS UNIPHASE CORP (JDSU) – This Corporation provides communications test and measurement solutions, and optical products to telecommunications service providers. This stock is the one to watch for easy gains. This company got an upgrade from Morgan Stanley and it also released a better earnings report on Friday making this stock gain over 6%. The chart is just beautiful, it is in the technical breakout range right here as it surpassed the $9/share mark. Not only has attention on the company risen but so has the volume, if this continues there will be no doubt it will breakout nicely. potential buy for a nice swing trade, which it sees no resistance till it hits a 2yr small resistance of $10 and a 2yr high of $15.33.

Epicor Software Corp. (EPIC) – This company designs, develops, markets, and supports enterprise application software solutions and services. Not much to say on this one, except its outlook for future earnings are great. I am just adding this stock to my list so that I can watch it to see if it can breakout at $9/share which it probably wont happen for another few days if it can. Just watching for now.

Integrated Silicon Solutions (ISSI) – Ahh the one that got away from me. This is still a potential buy and swing trade as no matter what the market is doing it keeps pushing higher. This stock gives ample opportunities to get in on an intraday level, as it dips and then powers higher. I am still beating my self up over not jumping in where I wanted to at $6/share as it now sits at $7.65, I was dead on with this….

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