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Stock Watch 2-22-2010

Stock Watch 2-22-2010
Thanks to better market conditions I am getting better plays, here is a list with 6 stocks and 6 ways to make some good steady gains. I am currently in ISSI and up about 3% thus far with a small position.

Xenoport, Inc. (XNPT) – This company is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers products that utilizes the body’s natural ability to over come disease. This stock had a nice 25% gain on Friday on speculation of better fda news for a drug this company is working on. They received a response letter from the FDA concerning there restless leg syndrome tablets, which pretty much states there will be further delays in the approval process as this drug is not producing good results read the 8-k here. In the past month the stock took a huge dive from $19ish/share to low $6 range from bad news. The news on Friday took this stock higher as it speculates on better results from the drug. I will watch this as this could be bouncing off the bottom in attempts to fill the gap, although this company’s drug does not look to good going into approval.

Newpark Resources Inc. (NR) – This company brokeout on Friday on good earnings and speculation of the future growth of this company. What attracts me is the breakout and its low price as it sits at $5/share, it also held this level threw the close on Friday which validates how strong it is and its potential to keep going. Potential buy.

GFI Group Inc. (GFIG) – Huge spike on Friday on the outlook of the company and its earnings. It hit resistance on Friday and did not breakout on a 15% gain, it hit the $5.50 mark and sold off from there. If this brokeout past $5.50 this could be a buy on quick gains. I will watch to see what happens.

Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) – This stock is a monster and is unstoppable, it is in what some call a parabolic move that has no explanation. Well it does have an explanation, this company has turned around big time! The company blew away earnings and has a great balance sheet why wouldn’t this stock go parabolic after it has been on the floor for the past few years. I finally got into this stock on Thursday at $8.40/share, a very small position since its not exactly where I wanted to get in at. This has turned into a very nice swing trade, I will only sell when I see signs of it topping or when I reach my target price.

Dataram Corporation (DRAM) – This stock has been gaining momentum on a better outlook for the company. It signed an agreement with Government Acquisitions, Inc which works directly with the federal government, this agreement will help DRAM and its market share tremendously. On Friday it spiked from $2.90ish to $3.50 on this partnership deal. DRAM is an old company and has been around forever, this stocks price is going to get a nice lift from all of this. Potential buy and nice swing trade.

TASER International Inc. (TASR) – Taser blew away earnings on Friday as it posted its 4th qtr profit. What is interesting is it was already on the verge of a breakout at the $6.50 level and with this news and gaped up and surpassed it nicely. Potential buy if it can hold.

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