Thursday, June 20, 2013

Market down tripple digit did you profit or get slaughtered?

Whats up Traders!

  What a day in the markets, dow down 353 points and spx breaking that 1600 level, was a huge sell off day. If you sold into any bounce and or took puts on GOOG, AAPL, NFLX ect. you were banking big. Biggest sell off in 2013, some say its a correction, some say its just a simple pull back. Just trade it!
GOOG - Gapped lower but tested that 900 level again and sold off from there. If you took puts later in the day on the 892 breakdown you banked big as goog closed at 884.
We could see a bounce in GOOG soon, will wait for confirmation. Each pull back on GOOG was bought and worked its way higher. 878.90 Good short term support, could touch it soon and bounce. Will look for puts when I see confirmation of more downside, or Calls when we see it rally back to 900. Intraday trades will be tough, but watch for opening momo after first 15min.

AAPL - The last two days in AAPL have been easy money on the put side. I stated the fact that if AAPL broke that 428ish area we would see a lot lower move. Today it tested the 420 area this morning and bounced really nice for a trade to the upside to 426. Although it was a short term intraday bounce it was easy play for calls, I took a trade this morning when it broke the first 5 min high, but when I saw the momo slow down the move was over, you take profits and run. I still have a bearish bias towards AAPL for a move to 410 then 400 if it happens. Puts will work great. Watch for the move after first 15min, but since 420 broke you could see sellers jumping in and pushing it lower fast.

ACCS - first day of VM promo for all the penny players out there. These plays are super risky and you have to be a pro to trade them. I tried to get into this play this morning right at the open at .15 area and could not get a fill at all, I was looking to ride the first 15-20 min or so on the massive amount of buying momo that occurs on these plays and take profits in run. Unfortunately I could not get a fill and ditched the trade, I will not chase these POS penny stocks as you can see from the chart it had a nose dive late in the day and finished at .0335. That is an account killer if you hold that. Get in get out take your profit and move on, cut losses quick if you get stuck.

VPCO - Had a nice bounce off .86, as you can see from my chart that I had and alert set when it test the true breakout point at .84 and was no triggered. If you could have gotten in on the bounce you made a nice .10-.12cent move in your favor, which for a stock trading less than a dollar is a nice gain.

I will be looking for more trade setups and post them over the weekend, Tomorrow will be a tricky day but could be potential for nice profits. Keep your stops tight and take profits when you have them. GL

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