Monday, June 24, 2013

My Trade in AAPL and looking at GOOG, TSLA

Whats up Traders, Wanted to give a glimpse of what my trade in AAPL was today. Also I will be looking at GOOG and TSLA.

AAPL - Expand the chart to see my entry and exit on AAPL. Perfect setup and easy money was made on puts today. Of course I was out to early but if you held you made money. Also AAPL broke 400 today with a low of 398.05, which I was expecting a huge move after that but it actually bounced from there. After 4 red days in a row I still feel a short term bounce a head, although we could still see the blood bath continue. 
Take a look at this article, pretty bad on Apple lol. Apple Employess consider jumping ship for Google.

GOOG -  Google also with its 4th red day did not have much of a sell off but that was also due to a massive gap down. I really dislike gap up's or gap downs it really does hurt your trade idea, but you adjust and adapts. If you look at the daily chart, there is nice support in the 860 region with the 50dma catching up and sitting at 858.66. I fell there should be more of a bounce in google, and when it does it will be nice and obvious, keep watch! 

TSLA -  Tesla is holding up more than I expected, there is still alot of the float short on that stock which is why its holding and may continue to rise. Will be watching and looking for a 105ish break to the upside with a target of 110 short term. Check out the daily chart below. 

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