Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trade Ideas and setups for the week

Whats up Traders! Check out my trade Ideas and setups.

Had a great day today, I tweeted out this morning (Follow here) That GOOG had a nice breakout with nice volume and needed to break above the first 15min closing bar to continue its run and if so my target would bee 900. Well it hit and exceeded that target by $1 at the end of the day.  Now that GOOG had its pull back and now breaking out once again could a new all time high be in place?..

s1- 889 to test Breakout point possible
High - 920.60
Short Term target - 910 on good volume and continuation breakout.
900- Needs to hold (physiological whole number support level) .

NFLX - My alert almost hit for breakout at 232.00
watch for breakout as NFLX could run hard exp with the latest news it put out Here as well as      20% of its float being short at the moment.     
       short term target 237 which is also R1 

AAPL - Still in play

TSLA - Based on 3 month weekly chart
       Had 3 lower high candle prints. with a Breakout above 103.
       Looking for strong volume tomorrow and a continuation with price target of
       110 which will be a roundish R1

JPM - Based on 3 month week chart. A Clear wedge formed.
           would like to see strong volume and break above the trendline
            to confirm more upside.

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