Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday watch list and trade setups.

Lets take a look at what we got for Friday (6/28/2013).

Apple grinding lower and lower towards that 385.10 area. I hope we see a test soon, as that could be a nice buying point. Just look at at all that red. lol

Google, once again came up and tested that trend line and bounced right off and faded the rest of the day. Still could see a test of that 50sma right around 863. If not I need to see it break above the trend line and hold to see further upside.

Tesla, man did I call this play. I knew once it extended above 105 it would be blast off to 110. Just check my tweets and previous post to validate. Now the question is, can it continue to all time highs or eventually sell off, because come on a company with no real profit or earnings with this market cap is unsustainable.

I am posting this simply because it has earnings before the bell tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how it does.

Penny stocks - 

This stock finally hit that .85 area and bounced off it so nice. I just wanted to illustrate that I called this in a few post back that this would happen, just a matter of time. Will this hold and continue, probably not but who know.

This is the most liquid penny stock out there right now. You just have to catch the short when it breaks support or buying the bounce. You can get in and get out with good size easily The key to this stock IMO is the 50sma which is represented by the blue line.

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