Friday, June 21, 2013

Today was easy money on Google and Apple

What's up Traders, quick post on two setups that were just to easy to make money on.
Today was the day that Apple and Google made its move. More so for apple. Yes the market selling did help but the technical told the story and if you were prepared for it you banked! My call on Apple this past week were spot on! Check out my previous post on it, and if you follow me on Twitter you could get my thoughts on it as it was happening.

Intraday chart on AAPL today and my analysis.

I did trade this I was in the next week 410 puts and sold way to early as always. But if you held and followed the trend you banked! I am still Bearish on Apple and think there is more down side to come, on the other hand there may be a short term bounce as with a big sell off usually does follow with a bounce. I will be making another post this weekend on trade setups and ideas for next week.

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